About Hannah 


She was talking about the mountains
How they touched the top of the sky and made her feel safe
She had been taken with them since she was small
A small girl and her towering rocks

Those towering rocks sparked in me a desire to share something good. When I was 12 and saved up enough money, I bought my first camera. It is the same for me now as it was then - a love for documenting the simple beauty of everyday. This medium has meant a great deal to me. It is something I have held onto and had the amazing privilege of developing over the years.

I work primarily with film because of the way it makes me feel. The organic tones and elemental qualities make me remember why I do this. I am enchanted with the moment of seeing my images for the first time and appreciating the process that turned light into extraordinary influence. 

I am based out of Provo & Salt Lake City Utah.